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The Battle Of Trillions - The Markets' Paradoxical Rise

What a quarter! Markets bounced back from panic, fear and forced selling in Q2. Several people have asked me recently, “Why does the stock market keep doing well while the economy and employment are clearly in the dumps?”[Read More]

Skirt The FOMO; Pick Up Some Momo

Momo has a great business model that dominates in an attractive industry in an awesome market. We believe the upside for the stock is in the 200% range over 2-5 years as the company continues with fast earnings growth.... [Read More]

7 Reasons LGI Homes Is Undervalued And A Rare Buy

When a stock is as undervalued as LGI Homes, it's important to understand the reasons. A combination of several factors has created an unusual buying opportunity. In today's market, it is rare to find such a low P/E ratio for a growth stock.... [Read More]

7 Reasons Ubiquiti Networks Remains Undervalued

Rather than focus on Ubiquiti's unique marketing strategy, or the innovative products the company regularly introduces at a low percentage of the cost of the competition, this article focuses on why the stock is routinely undervalued... [Read More]

Dividend Stocks Are (Or Will Be) The Bubble In This Market Cycle
Many investors have forgotten what a normal interest rate environment feels and acts like. Remember that 5% money market rate in 2006? (I know... it's a near forgotten memory.) The collective investing mindset seems to be stuck due to the 7-year near zero interest rate fed policy and further by a 35-year bond bull market... [Read More]

4 REITs Analyzed; 1 Buy, 2 Sells And A Hold
Income-seeking investors have bid up some types of dividend stocks to absurd levels this year from an already elevated starting point. In today's ultra low interest rate environment, the baby boomer generation as well as other savers are being taxed... [Read More]

Overpriced Dividend Stocks To Sell, Sell, Sell!
Income-seeking investors have bid up some types of dividend stocks to absurd levels this year from an already elevated starting point. In today's ultra low interest rate environment, the baby boomer generation as well as other savers are being taxed... [Read More]

CF Industries' Management Is 'All In' - Are You Game For This 4% Yielder?
CF Industries (NYSE: CF) Management Takes on More Debt to increase production... And buys back shares... [Read More]

Teekay Tankers: Unloved And Undervalued, A Buying Opportunity Before Q4 Earnings
Teekay Tankers is enjoying strong tanker market rates produced by low oil prices. The company trades for well less than tangible book value. Management has recently been focused on purchasing existing ships while decreasing debt.

Green Dot: A Poor Q3 And More Challenges To Come
Green Dot's earnings power has been significantly compromised by recent events regarding MoneyPak and Wal-Mart. Green Dot continues to be the market leader and dominant player in the prepaid relaodable card space. Green Dot's future opportunities for growth appear limited and its acquisition strategy could be expensive to shareholders. Operating expenses have been the major hindrance to operating margins and profit performance.

Green Dot Gets The Green Light Despite Backwater Bonus Plan
Green Dot's (NYSE:GDOT) executive bonus plan reminds me of the two backwater fishermen in the bayou that were paid by the piece at the end of the day. They came back to the docks with some fish and the balance in shrimp, sand crabs, oysters, and mud bugs. The boss slowly spit, looked at them scathingly and scratched his head. The next day they were told that they would be paid by the pound.

Cliffs Natural Resources Golden Shield And Gonclaves Will Prevail
China steel dumping presents the biggest threat to Cliffs medium term. Worldwide spot prices for iron ore picture looks over-supplied/dismal. Despite all the negative news and downgrades, Cliffs will survive due to operational moves made by new CEO Gonclaves. By my estimates for 2015 EBITDA, Cliffs shares are terrifically cheap.

hhgregg: The Mysterious Rise Is An Easy Sell
hhgregg announced a cool $43M write down of assets in the most recent quarter. Despite this, stock price is up significantly. The company faces serious structural headwinds in the future.

Google Is Undervalued And Unloved And Positioned For Success In The Future: Part 1
Google's Search Business has more tailwinds going forward and is intact for future growth. Google's shares are undervalued based on the company's earnings line and historical valuation and have underperformed the S&P 500 in 2014 by a wide margin. While Mobile Search is a temporary headwind due to qualitative issues and lower margins, Google has a dominant position in this fast growing space.

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank: Growing Fee Income And Improving Non-Performing Loan Trends Create A Buying Opportunity
Intesa Sanpaolo is one of the best capitalized banks in Europe -– built to withstand the current economic malaise in Europe. Intesa's shares sell for less than tangible book value; however, some green shoots in Europe are necessary before it's an obvious buy. Potential earnings when loan losses subside point to an extremely compelling valuation.

Why Xoom Has No Zip: 5 Reasons To Sell This Under-Performer
Xoom is a digital money transfer provider in 31 countries, focused on helping consumers send money in a secure, fast and cost-effective way using their mobile phone, tablet or computer. During the year ended December 31, 2013, Xoom's more than one million active customers sent more than $5.5 billion to family and friends. The company is headquartered in San Francisco.